Forget me not






‘Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.’

To start and end a weekend with quotes from GoT, the one TV show that messes my mind up every year for a good 2 months and a half, might or might not be an indicator of how unfortunate my state of mind happens to be right now. I’m drowning into nothingness, or at least that’s what I like to tell myself, but the truth is, it’s a huge overstatement, because nothing is what some say should go on after everything else stops – breathing and heart beat first. So, for now I have to live with the fact that the drought is bigger than I thought it would be, that death hurts even more when you cannot cry over it (because – drought, obviously), that you can always be held responsible for your doings and undoings, that the biggest disappointment I have to bear is that I cannot be perfect in any single way, however hard I might struggle, and that this is not what anyone is supposed to be.

* Nowadays, that most of my oversized earrings have retired due to various defects, I found consolation in a number of oversized necklaces. This one’s from Meli Melo – if you’re thinking of a well-deserved jewelry set renewal, head to their latest collection, you’ll love it.

PS. In an effort to embrace my distance to perfection, I cut my hair a bit shorter and revealed that huge forehead that makes me so anxious to admit its existence. Some say it’s a sign of having stuff in your head aplenty, but I just blame it on poor facial proportions. Anyway, the hair got longer meanwhile. Luckily.

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