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I’ve got some history with poor sight and blurry vision. It started when I was about sixteen, when staring at the blackboard, while some teacher trying to teach me something they thought would teach me something about life started to look like such a blasphemy. I, as always, started looking for an excuse to stop staring at that blackboard instead of taking the courage to simply refuse to play that game by its failing rules. So my sight weakened by the day, until I had to move to a bench in the first row. But soon neither that worked anymore. So I went to get an eye consult, and found out that my left eye was lazy as hell and not a bit submissive. I was kind of glad to hear that at least one of my flaws could be healed by artifice, so I picked a frame of glasses and waited patiently for my lenses to be ready. My first pair of eyeglasses had thick plastic bicolor frames (dark berry on the outter shell, green on the other side), rectangle-shaped, and they made me look about 4 and a half years older. That helped me get drinks in bars where they wouldn’t serve alcohol to teenagers unless they had an ID on them. Then I dyed my hair dark red and cut it shorter, and that added an extra 2 years to my age. People began to ask me whether I had graduated from uni, while I was barely in the tenth grade. Anxiety and slippery break-downs eventually carved themselves on my thighs and face and especially under the eyes, so suddenly looking older stopped being fun at all.

I lost those glasses soon after I had decided to skip more classes and casually release myself from some of the chains that kept me in the most unfulfilling of places I have ever been. I forgot them in a coffee shop on a Thursday evening, and came to look for them the following day, but they were gone. What use could they have been to the person that took them, I don’t know. Either way, that person, who must have been less than a thief than I’ve been, in various stages of my life, also pulled me through from part of my resilient emasculation. My eyes were getting along fine with each other again, finally at peace with one another, and they both saw the same thing, which seemed pretty unexpectedly great. Until two years ago, when they got into that fight again. Again, the left eye was the main problem, but the right one was gradually getting into trouble too. I couldn’t figure out why that happened, I think I was really doing well back then. Blonde-haired, at the beginning of ‘motherhood’ (I don’t know any word for it, other than this, which sounds so false and the very opposite of organic), I was younger and happier than ever. Until the glasses came back into the picture. I went back to hunting for frames, one uglier and more ill-fitting than the other. I finally picked a pair with thick black plastic frames, sort of aviator-like. I think they were mens glasses. Anyway, they threw a very austere and unfriendly veil over my bright face. And they left marks on my nose. I wore them for a little while, but had to give up on them, as I lost weight at some point and my nose must have neckened or something, so the glasses started to slide off it too easily. I was burden-free, again.

Oh well, not for long. This summer I went looking for frames, and I was already expecting a fight, followed by compromise and solved by a sudden mysterious scenario, and finally an awkward reshaping of my life. I have no idea how these patterns work, but the point is, there are some events in my life which always come as an announcement or a warning. Just like that. And also, there are some cases in which a blunt surprise falls over my nauseaous head and convinces me to loosen up a little. Good things do happen than way. So, back to the glasses. Just when I was feeling hopeless, already picturing myself near-blind before having life-sized wrinkles, I received an email with an offer from an online store, to be featured on this blog. Need I mention what they were selling?

So, after much thought and browsing through their offer, I picked a pair. I don’t know whether you can imagine how hard it is, especially if your face is literally too narrow for any frames, to go through the risk of picking a pair of glasses whithout trying them on. The cool thing is that Firmoo offers this feature that allows you to upload a picture and sort of try them on, virtually, so that you can have a clue on how they’d fit. Secondly, you don’t need to be a fashion blogger to get a pair for free. You only have to pay the shipping fee for your first pair. Thirdly, they have really, really friendly prices. And fourthly and most importantly, the quality is truly great! I am pretty pleased with mine, although, by the time I made an appointment to get a prescription for the lenses, my sight came back again and certain things in the surrounding chaos slowly started to make sense. Weird, isn’t it?


*Wearing eyeglasses courtesy of Firmoo Optical Store ( check out their newly arrived Designer Eyeglasses, there’s a range of very cool designs to choose from! ), vintage dress, Promod sweater, Mango cardigan, Asos wedges, Zara bag, vintage jewelry and no-name sunglasses

* I had a walk with Ana again! But I bet you could guess it from the stunning photos, right?








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    1. Cristina Barna Post author

      Thanks! I won’t tell you to which extent the story stems from reality, as they call it, but the fact is, when life gives you.. whatever, you should use it (so as to avoid the freakin’ lemonade cliche) – I keep telling myself that, so one day I might start trusting it:)

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