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I don’t know what is more exhausting, reading Proust or witnessing the sale season e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and being determined to resist temptation. However, as I prefer to devote my spare time to reading or and furthermore, as I’ve seen that I have something that too little resembles spare time as we know it, I had no choice but to cut down on some of the things I do every day so that I never, ever happen to not be able to open one book over the course of a fortnight.

So, plotting to invest time in the small pleasures of life aside, I’ve went on to admit defeat in the case of certain habits that although don’t bring me any palpable use (besides allowing me to make occasional purchases at ridiculous clearance prices), they still provide a reassuring content to a gloomy Sunday afternoon.

Although I haven’t yet shopped here, Nasty Gal was always a trustworthy source of straightforward wishlist-ing. Okay, it was more about the shoes rather than anything else (they sell Jeffrey Campbells). But, with further reasoning and the addition of a delivery service to our lovely mother country, I have been won over by a few items that necessitate a closer look at my shopping budget. Feel free to indulge and get carried over – who knows, you might really fetch a lucky bargain or two.


The wildly cosy and visually appealing faux fur coats

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been walking much, this winter. As a matter of fact, I specifically avoided too many encounters with the weather that I couldn’t ignore, as it is always closely pictured at the window opposite my desk. Even so, I could easily see a missing piece in my wardrobe – another furry coat, that is. Be it a polka-dotted 60s styled coat, a mixed panel shaggy fur coat or a camel faux shearling coat (with lapels, mind you), it would more than alleviate the pain caused by walking in a snowstorm. Wouldn’t it?


The, uhm, not-so-cosy-but-seemingly-warm shearling pumps

Okay, so here we need to talk. Remember the shaggy Litas that came out a few years ago? Of course, it’s in our nature to succumb to aesthetically repelling shoes, if they feature a famously fashionable tag. I see you, ex-Birkenstock haters that resorted to replacing sandals with sliders, last summer. Anyway, what I meant to say is that it’s tempting to give any shoe from a brand you love a second chance, even though your first reaction to seeing the shoe in question ranges between shocked disapproval to stomach-aching repulsion. But more surprisingly yet, I have’t been offput by the arrival of faux-fur or faux-shearling padded pumps signed by my favorite shoe brand – Jeffrey Campbell, if I need to remind you again. These, I really would wear. But only if it was something other than a dirty sidewalk in winter that would have to be stepped upon. So, tell me, what are YOUR feelings regarding a stiletto shearling pump, in 2015? Oh, and that cable-knit sweater is there just to highlight the fact that comfort is not everything you need, in a life that gets most of its kicks in fashion. Unapologetic, antisocial, ‘man-repelling’ fashion.


Leather, not as you know it

Ok, so let’s go to a more familiar ground – leather. Far from being a leather-nazi, I’m even further away from promoting the supremacy of black in a womanly wardrobe. To me, black still is something that insecure persons wear most of the time due to a falsely assumed lack of option. Although I get it, you really need to add an extra something to a black outfit in order to stand out in a crowd – an extra something that is widely regarded as character or personality or charisma, I’m still not on that boat. Until that boat becomes populated with frilled leather skirts and leather biker jackets with a row of long fringes in their open backs. These are the things that set you apart in a crowd. Fuck character. Fuck charisma. You need the artillery if you really want to look like what most of people wouldn’t dare to.



Are we back to the seventies – agaaain?

Yes, we are, and I’m not rolling my eyes up at this one. If fall ’14 was just a preview, I guess spring and pre-fall ’15 made it clear that we’ll be seeing lots of over-alls, platform heels, wide pants and wide brimmed fedoras, not to mention maxi dresses, fringes and what else. It is weird, most of these pieces were already here, for a long time already, but they were just small pieces of small chapters in the bigger picture. This time it’s expected of them to be in the full spotlight. I don’t know what you think, but I’d love to see people around all going studio 54 and Jane Birkin. Each to his own collective fashion fantasies.

Let’s take it one step at a time – a wide-sleeved cutout sweater, a pair of raffia platform wedges – red, nonetheless – and a floral number would be great to start spring with. For evening, count on a wide-leg satin overall with a wrap-front or a fringe maxi dress and a trusty pair of black & gold platforms. Did I mention how comfortable they usually are?



Athletic references & hybrid pieces

Do you know where the track / cleated sole platform shoes madness began? It was somewhere at the end of February 2013, 2 years ago, on the fall runway of Stella McCartney where this oddly shaped platform immersed. The rest was history – and sadly, even though I kept trying to buy a pair of JCs inspired by the infamous Stella-branded ones (I loooved the Mulder – Scully duo from JC), at some point I started dreading that crappy sole – it was everywhere already. But it couldn’t have stopped here, could it – so they took one half track sole, one half Adidas All Star sneaker and there you have it – a platform sneaker that achieves the unfamiliar likeliness of causing a heart attack to BOTH a fashion ignorant and to a connoisseur. Touché!

Personally, I’d much rather go for the second cleated flatform mary-jane thing, but only to prove a friend of mine, who recently said that I have a talent for picking up shoes which no one wants to wear, right. Other than that, a sweater dress with an extra pair of sleeves to be knotted in the front – now that’s something I’ve been craving for a long time now (ever since I saw these in abundance in the shows of NYFW, to be exact). Be honest – would you or wouldn’t you wear that dress? And then, for the sake of conformity, I also got my eyes on an interesting (euphemism for ‘sexy’, which is a word I do not apply to clothes anymore) side-slit skirt. And on a felt & leather hat that screams to be paired with your oversized brushed wool winter coat.


Body-hugging chain, wool & sequins, double-faced ruffles

Oh well, at nearly 1200 words, I’m starting to get bored too, don’t worry. Let’s wrap it up though with some special additions to the goodie sales bag. I have no idea if you’re a statement-choke-fake-gems necklace person or if you prefer subtlety in the accessory area, but I’m telling you now that I’ve wanted a body chain necklace ever since I first saw one (on Asos, I think). This one is the perfect blend between easy-going chain play and medieval evening wear. I reckon it can change the look of a shirt or sweater like no other accessory will.

Also, sequins on an immaculately white cropped sweater is just another way of handling partywear in winter or, for the more romantic souls, of fighting wintery lows in broad daylight. Lastly, these stiff double-faced frills that reminded me of one of the last Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga outings would make a good enough twist on any black-tie event this spring. Pair that dress with anything and you will fell spectacular – that I can promise.

*All items can be found in the SALE section of Nasty Gal.

Really now – did any part of the above selection win your heart & wallet over? Where do you like to spend your winter clearance savings, online?

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