the greatest and the small are one and the same thing















the remains of one of the days I spent in Arad, this spring. in fact, the highlights of it. I don’t miss but a few things from this place, and meeting her is high up there. I don’t even want to tell more, because there are these tiny moments, in time, when there is so much going on and they are so condensed, that they feed you for days and weeks on. most people make me.. not miss them at all, to say the least. but she makes me look forward to these tiny catch-ups and rounds of coffee and beer and clicks, there and about.

* pictures by Ana, some of them shot at the city library, at one of our common friends’s exhibit – Calin Muresan. his illustrations and story line helped sketch the atmosphere of those few hours. oh, and I got the best gift I could ever get, beside shoes, and also the perfect complement to them and my dilettante coloring / sketching thing – a book of shoes!

**also, if you’ve been a regular of 5 inch (as hardly as that might occur, given the frequency of posts around here), then you couldn’t have possibly missed the posts where the photos were really magical – they were all shot by Ana.

so, you’re in for some good news – she’s giving away two prints of her photos *from the selection below* to two lucky bastards out there. here’s the deal – you don’t need to share or like or follow anything or anyone. you just have to go HERE and hit the comment button, tell her which book has won your heart lately. yeah, it’s that easy! hurry up, you have until Monday.


***I’m usually terribly afraid of mistakes, and misspellings, and misuses of language, and everything that can be held against me, from a grammar and orthography point of view. this time round, I’ve skipped capital letters. it allows the anxiety to loosen up a little. and no things are so grand, anyway, so why should first letters always be? there’s plenty in the little things, letters and all.

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