Wishing for more than you can get – spring picks from Zara

You’ve probably heard the good news by now – Zara has just opened its online shop in Romania, so, as I noted not so long ago, now we can finally say that we’ve got our high-street sartorial dilemmas solved. Actually, as happy as I was to receive their inaugural giftcard, which granted me and, as far as I’ve noticed, every other person with a blog or a prominent role in fashion and online social ‘life’, here in Ro, access to the shop roughly 2 days before its official launch, I also got myself in a hell of a sartorial dilemma, trying to sort out the stash of things I would’ve bought and narrowing them down to the two that the otherwise quite generous sum allowed me to grab.

To be honest, on this occasion I reasserted myself as the undecided, highly emotional piece of being I usually prove to be in clothes-related situations – and not solely then, of course. During what seemed like an endless morning of zapping through possibilities, pointing out pros and cons for each virtual purchase, I also saved a few items that I found extremely alluring. Which of them also got to land in my closet, you’ll learn soon enough, or at least once the weather allows bare feet again (aah, the thrill).


The shoes.

I wouldn’t allow myself to start a shopping spree or wishlist other than by checking out the most important part of the conversation – shoes, naturally. The courts in the middle would have been mine already, had they come in a size 5 as well – they didn’t. Yeah, they are Chloe-look-alikes,  but who cares, anyway. The second pointed pair I also found vulgar, in a specifically attractive way – like a huge piece of marzipan cake would look to one who’s on a diet, sort of. Ok, maybe worse than that. Anyway, they also slipped out of my basket, because at the rate I’m tripping and falling on the infamous Romanian cobblestone, their tips would have gotten really messy in no time. Also, the bag. A summer bag by excellence – what more could you need?


Did you notice how there are less and less 5 inch platforms out there, on the world wide shopping web? Well, I did, and it didn’t make me an inch (pun intended) glad, surely. I’m starting to worry that, by the time I get to make a decent reinforcement of my summer sandal stock, I won’t be having much choice left there. Luckily, there are brands like JC and, when those are out of reach, there are still flatforms and weird wedges to go. Such as these, above. I dare you to guess which of them I chose, after a heart-wrecking hour of doubt.


The back details.

Oh, the back. The most intriguing part of a woman’s body, as I see it. Mine is skeletal, bones reaching out and such, therefore back details present a perfect solution, for the delusional mess I am, to put an accent on the most skinny part of myself. A summer dress with an open back and precious straps, a green maxi number with spaghetti straps hugging each other over a dead-white back, or, the one I very hardly let go of, a poplin top with an open-back construction and perfect detailing.


A low-cut back is another facet of this solution – but not if your back is as narrow as mine (the reason I couldn’t risk any of the above – that, and polyester). Instead, I went for a front-detail, which was a surprise to me as well – a dress with a V-cut cleavage.



On a recent thought, I decided that I love this color. For now. I’d wear it each and every day if i could. Don’t ask me how many light shades of pink I can spot in my wardrobe, there are but a few. The nude ‘pleather’ dress almost beat the shoes, on my list. Almost.


The prints & mixed shapes.

To me, there’s no decent day without a decent print, and the best days are unarguably those that bring together more than two prints and 4 or 5 very different colors. I only like them better if they come in unusual cuts, shapes, and layers, such as these.


After I picked my items and placed the order, I noticed that I haven’t bought myself a *new* t-shirt (I have bought tons of them from thrift stores and flea markets, though) for years. And I haven’t even thought about browsing through that section. How unfortunate, because I realized how fucking biased I am about t-shirts – you see, not every t-shirt is just a shapeless cotton rag, as I see them. There are actually tees I could wear – such as the first in the left, which should strike as a top, of course, and which has that irresistible irregular hem which almost made me cry for not having been more rational in my pre-order research. And then, there are funny little tees, with prints and such. And hell, I always have problems with wearing skirts in summer, due to their number being at least double to that of tees. And yes, the skirt in the middle makes me want to take up sewing once again.


The ‘It’ items.

For modern ‘urbanites’, these are the items that never spend much time on the rack. That denim jacket, that insanely summer-perfect jumpsuit, that cotton-candy coat, for rainy and grumpy days of April, like these nowadays. Well, one can only wait for sales or gather more savings.


I thought it redundant to buy a crop top or sweater, when you only need a pair of scissors to DIY an older one. That’s what I did to one of my favorite sweaters – unluckily, I didn’t measure much before, so I got stuck with a sweater a little bit more cropped than I would’ve hoped for.

The platform ‘sandals’ (a figure of speech, of course – you might see them as no other that high-street, better looking birkenstocks, as do I) have caused me a bit of thinking. On the one hand, I’m always up for things that are slightly outrageous, ridiculous and admittedly ugly. The modern ugly is a constant source of intrigue, but this time, I passed on the opportunity of wearing Zara-Birkenstock hybrids, though inspired by higher brands, with socks and a midi skirt. Obviously, I might regret it. As I do regret the fact that I don’t have a particular asymmetric, frilly sheer top to be proud of.


The etno bits.

It’s infinitely more interesting to add a touch of craft to a boring outfit. Macrame, vivid embroideries and playful fringes can save your day, honestly. Do try it and see for yourself.

Other than that, enjoy your shopping sprees at Zara from now on, and try to reach out for the less basic choices. Really, buying things that make your heart pump blood more hastily is one of the few silver linings in life.

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